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We love the women fandom hates: Day 3

Day three shall be dedicated to Debra Morgan, and her sense of style and how it reflects her growth throughout the series.



Ohhh, Season One, you were not good. The fringe (I refuse to say 'bangs, because I'm not American :P). The curls. The lashings of
unflattering make-up. The dangly earrings. In a way it made sense, though, because of how extremely insecure Deb was at the beginning of the show. She obviously made a lot of effort with her appearance at the workplace in order to make a good impression. Back then however I always thought the casual, tomboyish T Shirts and trousers suited her best. Still, there were some cute looks here and there.


Major improvements. Still sort of gangly and awkward, but gone is the awful fringe and the unflattering jacket suits. Her hair was much better and she stopped trying so hard with the make up and curling tongs. This season was about recuperating after the Biney/Rudy ordeal and regainig her strength and confidence, and somewhere along the way, I think Deb realised that it was less about appearance and more about effort and determination at the workplace, and that feeling comfortable in your own skin is a huge part of that.


Hurr-cut! Part of Deb's new decision to turn into a 'model of fucking perfection' in a renewed and doubled determination to get her detective badge. Wasn't so fond of the super short look, but it did make her look more professional, more mature and smart in a way. Also, the cute colourful button down T-shirts were adorable.


Hair-wise, this was definitely my favourite Season. It was the perfect length and it framed her face nicely. Also, Season 4 marked the appearance of the amazing FLANNEL SHIRTS. Which are awesome and I plan to buy some if I ever find my size. Yes, I am that pathetic/obsessed/etc.


My favourite look! Detective Morgan in all her glory, kicking ass, solving the Barrels Girls' case, hooking up with the hottest detective at the workplace, etc. I preferred her hair shorter, but you can't resist the tucked in flannel shirt and the skinny jeans.

As a final note, I really love Deb's sense of style because it's so refreshing to see a woman on TV dress appropriately for work, instead of the overly dolled up sex kittens we usually get. It suits her figure perfectly and it's a great look for someone who works in the environment that she does. All hail Debra Morgan, fashionista extraordinaire.


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Sep. 13th, 2011 12:03 am (UTC)
I honestly didn't pay much attention to her styles throughout the seasons but from being somewhat of a joke in her vice girl outfits to having her detective shield is great. She definitely looks best in pants/jeans and a tucked in blouse/shirt. I'm glad she let her fringe grow out and even in her stance between the first series and now she looks so much more determined/focused.
Sep. 14th, 2011 11:53 am (UTC)
I only really noticed it whilst watching older episodes quite recently. I didn't realise what a marked contrast there was between her wardrobe in Season 1 and later seasons. I thought it was neat. I wonder if Jennifer herself had a hand in it.
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