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We love the women fandom hates: Day 4

Day 4: Some of my favourite Betty Draper scenes!

1x09: Shoot

Betty shoots the birds.

Such an especially sad episode for Betty. You could tell how excited she was at the prospect of getting back into modelling and the world of work, only to suffer a crushing disappointment at the end... as the photoshoot really turned out to be All About Don. So her shooting the birds towards the end was so fucking awesome and liberating and hedonistic and HELL YEAH for Betty. Because yes, Betty is spoilt and childish and can be mean and petty, but she's so repressed and trapped and just so SAD. You basically just wanted her to run all over town shooting up random stuff with a cigarette in her mouth. And then run all the way to Madison Avenue and give Don a taste of the same medicine, lawl. (Or at least I did). I would actually say that this is probably my favourite scene of the entire first season, after The Carousel in the finale.

1x13: The Wheel

"I can't talk to anyone, and it's so horrible. I'm so sad. [...] Please tell me that I'll be OK."

I always think that the reason socially awkward or emotionally confused adults prefer or feel more comfortable in the company of children is because they don't feel judged or burdened in the same way that they feel around people their own age. Betty is still such a child sometimes and this is reflected so strongly in this scene where she seeks the company and comfort of a little boy. You honestly get the feeling that she  thinks Glen is the only one who can understand her and whom she can relate to - which is so sad. Also I want to smack anyone who calls January Jones a bad actress because she absolutely kills this scene.

3x08: The Souvenir

Betty turns into the perfect ice-queen, Italian speaking seductress, and it was amazing. She and Don admittedly were so awesome in this episode. You feel so sad that it all falls apart so very soon, in a way.

3x11: The Gypsy and the Hobo

"You don't get to ask any questions."

Another HELL YEAH, BETTY moment as she finally grows a backbone and confronts Don about... everything! She has all the power over him in this scene and reduces him to a quivering, fearful little puppy. Both Jon and January were really great over here.

3x12: The Grown Ups

"I want to scream at you for ruining all this. Then, you tried to fix it and there's no point."

Betty finally tells Don that she doesn't love him any more and wants to leave him. It's a really great, mixed scene of sadness for Betty yet immense relief for her, anger at Don, and a sort of dread - what's going to happen now that the Drapers are really over? Nevertheless, it's extremely liberating to see Betty finally leave her cheating husband and resolve not to accept any of his BS any more.


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Sep. 15th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
Much love for the pigeon scene, always. You go, Betty.

I also love that bit in The Souvenir, first because she looks so amazing, and secondly because I think that's the Betty she always pictured herself as being. It's nice to see her happy, and looking like she feels she belongs, in every way, in the role she's in.

One of my favorites you didn't mention is the one in S4 (don't remember which ep, as I don't have dvds yet) where she calls up Don to tell him about the government men who came around asking questions about him, since it's a scene that shows so many of her good qualities in a season when they weren't on display much. She didn't have to cover for Don, or then call him up about it, but she still did. She's very loyal, in her own way, certainly much more so than Don ever was to her.
Sep. 16th, 2011 12:35 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, I did absolutely love that scene with the government officials. She had every chance to come clean about Don and reveal everything about him, but she chose not to. I thought that was a very revealing moment about her personality. I don't remember much about Season 4, strangely enough; I really need to go back and rewatch it.
Sep. 17th, 2011 06:39 pm (UTC)
I love all these moments, January Jones and Betty so, so much. Great post.
Sep. 5th, 2013 02:57 pm (UTC)
good one
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